Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christine From Party All-Star!

See much more of the girl that beat Bailey, Midori, and Alicia, revealed like never before! Christine is our elegant Asianstarlet who won the live Whipped Cream Hot Body Contest we threw by a screaming, unanimous boner-slide. The contest prize was a big pile of cash and a paid shoot as Starlet of the Month for Party All-Star. The raucous crowd at Atlanta's East Side Lounge adored her, and she beat out some hefty professional solo models on stage competing with her, including Bailey Knox, Midori West, and Alicia Kiss. This is her prize-winner's shoot, where she shows her fantastic sexy assets more than ever. Christine is exclusive to Party All-Star, and has never done any other webmodeling anywhere!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stunning Brunette Shows Off Her Perfect Body

Melisa is a stunning babe with nice tits with rock hard nipples. She is in a restaurant having a dring as she uncovers one of her tits. Afterhours at the same bar, she is in a pink teddy and gives a good view of her tits and of her sweet beaver. She has big beaver lips that a guy or girl would be able to grab in their mouth and suck on. She shows off her firm bum and spreads those pussy lips wide and grabs her titties.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Madison from PartyAllStar

PartyAllStar features brand new girls never before seen on the Internet. These girls are “party girls” that go to clubs and events where they show off their bodies. Madison from PartyAllStar is a brand new teenager with an amazing body and sweet looks. Madison looks like an ethnic mix giving her those looks with small tits and a nice round ass.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nicole Graves Happily Ever After

Big boob Nicole Graves shows off her curvaceous body in sexy lingerie. Ready to get down and dirty, she strips out of her lacy thong and exposes her juicy ass. Lying down on a table, she spreads her legs wide open to insert her fingers deep inside her pussy.

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Aspen Rae: Exclusively Inside Twistys


Spending a chilly day indoors, Aspen Rae strips down and squeezes her perky tits. Getting comfortable on the bed, she spreads her pussy lips wide open and gently touches the length of her body before fingering herself.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spencer Nicks Body Paint

Goodbye pasties and hello titties! In her FIRST EVER ZIPSET, Spencer Nicks lets her big beautiful boobs hang free wearing nothingbut colors. As she rubs her paint-slicked boobs, her nipples are obvious and totally uncovered. Her shaved pussy lips are held together by a short, pencil thin strip of tape, which quickly seems to disappear – is it there or not? What's the point of it – even we don't know. Naked as a jaybird and messy as a mudfight, Spencer runs out into the hotel hallway for a few minutes more of pictures and video, her nipples hard and perky at the thought of getting caught nude in public. Near the end of this seventeen minute HD video, Spencer risks busting-her-ass by dancing, shimmying, and mainly booty popping in obscene fashion for you in the paint spills. And if you like this zip, be sure to also check out cute Bailey Knox's naughty version on the same theme!

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Tiffany Shaved Sporty And Flexible

If you love cheerleaders, gymnasts, and hot exhibitionists, you'll love this zipset -Tiffany is all three of those things. A former "flier" on her high school cheer-leading squad, Tiffany has the kind of flexibility that few girls will ever have, and that every guy dreams about playing with. She's a girl-next-door type with a deliciously fitbody that's sunkissed all over and completely smooth where it counts. There's shaved pussies, and then there are NICE ones, and Tiff's tan pussy is definitely the latter kind. At the beginning of the nearly half-hour video, Tiffany dances and strips for the camera for three songs, working her way out of her pink booty shorts and shiny blue top. For the rest of the video, Tiffany puts her little cheerleader's frame into dozens of naked splits, poses, and stretches that would make a yoga instructor blush. All the while, Tiffany never shies away from showing her pussy to the camera as it zooms in - she knows it's rockin'! Tiff isn't new to the gym or new at sports, but she's new to the web! 

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shauna - Couch Peach

Sitting pretty on the couch, Shauna is putting on quite a show. This girl seems born to be stripping off her clothes for the boys, so delicately and gently and teasingly does she do it. Not an inch is revealed without Shauna making quite a big deal of it. Of course, when you have THAT to show, there's no deal too big. Come in and savor Shauna.

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Sarah - Nipple Games

The California state animal is the Grizzly Bear (which is a joke, since the White Man killed those off years ago). The California state bird is the quail, which is a pretty little ground dweller that runs around in a cute gaggle pecking and hiding. And the California flower is the golden poppy... which is what put Dorothy and her fellow travelers asleep just over the hill from Emerald City...and it's hurled a few modern shaman into a vision quest as well, or so I hear.

But the California state babe? That goes to our very own Sarah. When you picture "Cute California Girl," you picture Sarah. Sun, sand, and Sarah. That should be our state motto. She is everything fresh and clean and sexy about California. O, and she's blonde. O, and when you look at her in a bikini, you turn to stone. Or is that wood?

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