Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sarah - Nipple Games

The California state animal is the Grizzly Bear (which is a joke, since the White Man killed those off years ago). The California state bird is the quail, which is a pretty little ground dweller that runs around in a cute gaggle pecking and hiding. And the California flower is the golden poppy... which is what put Dorothy and her fellow travelers asleep just over the hill from Emerald City...and it's hurled a few modern shaman into a vision quest as well, or so I hear.

But the California state babe? That goes to our very own Sarah. When you picture "Cute California Girl," you picture Sarah. Sun, sand, and Sarah. That should be our state motto. She is everything fresh and clean and sexy about California. O, and she's blonde. O, and when you look at her in a bikini, you turn to stone. Or is that wood?

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